SENtinel™ FAQs

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How can I access SENtinel™?
You can access SENtinel™ via any up-to-date web browser such as Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox.
How is SENtinel™ licensed?
SENtinel™ is licensed as a Software As A Service/cloud hosted solution.
How is SENtinel™ secured?
  • SENtinel™ is secured via https encryption and hosted on Intersys’ own ISO27001 certified infrastructure.
  • The application has been subject to rigorous penetration testing.
  • For added security, two factor authentication is available with all options.
  • Rest assured that our data management is in line with GDPR requirements. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.
How is SENtinel™ priced?
SENtinel™ is priced on an annual rate per student.
  • £POA / year hosted > 1000 (suggestion 2000 pupils @ £1.49 = £2980)
  • £1995 / year hosted < 1000 (£1.99 / pupil / year @ 999)
  • £1245 / year hosted < 500 (£2.49 / pupil / year @ 499)
  • £995 / year hosted < 100 (£9.95 / pupil / year @ 100)
  • £745 / year < 30 students
  • £595 / day + travel / expenses for training / specification / configuration / data work extras etc.
  • £895 / day + travel / expenses for bespoke development / configuration / data work extras etc.
Does the pricing include email support?
Yes, email support via our help desk is included in all pricing plans.
Can I use SENtinel™ in conjunction with other SEN evaluation tools?
Absolutely. SENtinel™ is compatible with other popular SEN pupil evaluation and comparison tools such as CASPA and SIMS.
Can I measure small amounts of pupil progress with SENtinel™?
Metrics in SENtinel™ are fully customisable.
How will SENtinel™ track progress, post phasing out of P-Scales?
SENtinel™’s development roadmap includes the ability for users to customise the way they track progress, to suit their own environment. Following the Rochford Review, the government announced, “The removal of the statutory requirement to assess pupils with SEND who are working below the standard using performance scales (P scales)”. Instead, ‘aspects of engagement’ will be used to gauge a pupil’s ability in areas such as awareness, curiosity and anticipation. Intersys is consulting with a number of stakeholders, to ensure that SENtinel™ will fit a number of models that may be adopted by differing organisations.
Can I measure the progress of gifted children through SENtinel™?
Yes, SENtinel™ has the configuration flexibility to allow for bespoke measurement of SEN pupils.

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